Our Story

SocialDev was born in 2016 as the brainchild of CEO Feliciano Cindolo. Since then, it's been through various iterations, but has always kept its core values at its heart: efficient code, sleek design, phenomenal software.

We continue to believe in transparency and communication amongst our team, with our clients, and with our end users, through the entire development process in order to ensure every project is a success.
If that sounds good to you, why not reach out to see how we can help your business?

What We're Good At

Application Development

Native, cross-platform, iOS, android, whatever's best suited to your project, coded in whatever language works best for your needs. Simple.

Responsive Web Design

In a digital world, your website needs to be impress. We work with you to make sure it does.

UX | UI Design

We understand how important it is that your products look as good as they feel. We work with you to make sure your product is truly an extension of your brand, allowing its full personality to shine through.

Project Management

We help determine the objectives you need from the product based on the benefits your business needs. Then we set about achieving them. Complete lifecycle management from conception and proof of concept to completion.

What Else?

Cyber Security

At SocialDev we recognise that safety and security online is a necessity, not a plus. Our cybersecurity specialists are always onhand to ensure that our products are secure.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Our developers test all aspects of your finished product to ensure that your product fits all the necessary criteria, and works exactly as you'd expect it to. We carefully programme bug fixing periods to deliver your product bug-free.

App Publishing & Support Services

We are happy to publish your app for you if required, on whichever platforms are needed. We also offer support packages so you've always got a developer on hand for any queries you may have.